Today’s episode is another kind of a sneak peek behind the scenes at a coaching call I did with our Marketing School students. Normally in this calls, we do hot seats where students can ask questions and we can dig in to what’s going on in their business, which I […]


March 14, 2022

4 Ways to Think to Hit $10k Months with Photography

        Hey y’all, I’m Tavia and I help photographers learn how to specialize and get fully booked with ideal clients so they can go full time. I do this with my birth photography certification and my 7 step marketing system. So here we are again taking a look a little bit behind […]


March 7, 2022

Should You Partner with a Doula Agency?

    Inside of Marketing School for Photographers, we have a monthly coaching call where I not only answer student questions, but coach them through the questions. See, a lot of times the answer to our problems isn’t just to get an answer. It’s to FIND the answer. And through the journey of searching for […]


February 28, 2022

This is How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Making Progress TODAY!

        Ahh pricing. It’s always one of the very first questions someone asks when starting a new business – how much should I charge? Pricing your photography can be especially challenging because chances are it’s something you LOVE to do and the price can sometimes be based on the quality of your […]


February 21, 2022

7 Photography Pricing Mistakes to Avoid

        How would you feel about getting paid to build your photography portfolio?   Maybe you’re just getting started in birth photography and you need images for your portfolio. Or maybe you want to try something new that you learned or you’re ready to get more experience in your niche. After walking […]


February 14, 2022

Dos and Don’ts When Running a Model Call

    Tell me if this sounds familiar – you spend an hour writing a post for social media, choose a photo to go with it, research some good hashtags, then look at your analytics to determine the best time to post it and schedule it. Once it goes live, you’re refreshing to see how […]


February 7, 2022

How to Target Your Ideal Client on Social Media

      I have been working in my office, which is also my bedroom, all week. It’s funny because whenever we change up the environment where you’re working has such an impact on productivity and focus. At least it does for me! In Marketing School of Photographers, we actually talk about how to set-up […]


January 31, 2022

5 Ways to Organize Your Sunday so Your Entire Week is Successful

    When I first started my photography business, I was terrified. I mean, what if no one liked my photos? Could they tell that I was feeling super awkward behind the camera? And I wasn’t exactly sure what pose or set up we were gonna do next. What if people could smell my fear […]


January 24, 2022

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (with Lisa Digeso)

    My goal with every episode of this show is to make it about YOU, the listener. I want you to always walk away from each episode feeling inspired or with very clear action steps to get a specific result. So, starting every point or sentence with Me, myself and I feels a little […]


January 17, 2022

10 Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2021

      Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time to listen to podcasts? Well, I’ve got you covered here. Today’s episode is a recap of the most downloaded guest interviews we had in 2021.  The best of the best. This way, you can catch up on all the great stuff on […]


January 10, 2022

Best of 2021: Guest Interviews

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