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Birth photographers,

4 years ago, I never would have imagined I'd be turning away birth photography clients because I was booked. 

Looking back over the last few years, I realize that what really helped me stand out from my competition is having an e-mail list! 

Staying in front of your potential clients in their inbox is huge ... and not a lot of photographers are doing it.


74.6% of the photographers I interviewed said they don't have an e-mail list, or they have one but they don't do anything with it. 😱

.... that means there is a huge opportunity here for you to STAND OUT
by doing something most birth photographers aren't doing!

Here is what you'll get in this free e-mail course: 

yep, I said free!

create your first e-mail software account

make it easy for people to get onto your list (and how to write emails so they WANT to hear from you) 

generate content people are excited to open and read 

most importantly, HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST 100 signups in 5 days!

sound good? 

Who am I? 

I'm Tavia and I photograph births at Tavia Redburn Photography.

I created The Beauty in Birth to help other photographers follow my marketing systems to create the birth photography business of your dreams! I've photographed over 100 births since 2012 and marketing is absolutely my 2nd passion!


When does the course start?
Immediately! Click the button below ("Register Now"), then you'll get a welcome email. Click "join the challenge" and day 1's instructions will be delivered immediately! For the next 4 days, you'll get 1 email per day from me with that day's challenge. 

I know it's free, but are you trying to sell me something at the end?
Nope! There are no strings attached to this free course. The only thing I ask for is your email address, but you can unsubscribe from my list at anytime! 

What if I have questions during the course? 
I'm happy to help! I'll be hopping into our private Facebook group to answer questions as they come in!