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Hi, I’m Tia. And I joined the Marketing School of Birth Photographers in January of 2020.
I had just recently decided to specialize in Birth Photography about 3 months before then, and I was really nervous about joining Marketing School for Birth Photographers because it was a lot of money at that time for my business and I just didn’t know if I could make it happen, but I told my husband. I said, “I need to do this if I’m going to be the birth photographer in this area, THE birth photographer.”
So I signed up and the course was awesome! And I love the module on shifting your mindset and the goal workshop. One of my goals was actually to become THE birth photographer for Southern Utah and have everyone know my name.
Then of course, 2020 happened. It was not great, I was really nervous. Actually I had to cancel 5 births in May. But then towards the end of the year, I just knew that this is what I was supposed to be doing and Marketing School for Birth Photographers helped me get there. It was my most successful year in business yet and I’m super thankful for that.
Fast forward to now, I have relationships with most of the midwives in the area. Most of the doulas, I'm really, really good friends with, we meet up once a month. And it’s just been amazing to see the growth of my business.
I’ve raised my prices and I’ve booked births at those prices. And I was scrolling through the local Facebook group the other day and someone was looking for a photographer. Someone had screenshotted my page and posted it. I had no idea who this person was who shared my page. Scrolling through the comments, the lady who was the original poster said, “I’ve heard about Tia and she’s awesome.”
It’s just been great to see that people know my name, people that I don’t know. My goal originally made in 2020 is actually coming true. And I feel like it’s just going to keep getting better and I’m super thankful to Tavia and her course, Marketing School for Birth Photographers.

Tia Stout

"I've raised my prices and booked births at those prices"

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Hello! I’m Olivia from Olivia Sens Photography. I joined Marketing School last year after taking the Certified Photography course, because I realized that I had no idea with what I was doing with marketing. 
I was kind of a jack-of-all-trades photographer before taking the course. I knew I wanted to specialize in birth and I know I wanted to be known as THE birth photographer in my area, but I had no idea how to implement that. And so taking the course gave me every step along the way to get to that point. And now it’s not even been a full year and most of the birth workers in the area knew me. They recognize my work, they’ve been referring me - most of my clients come from vendor referrals. I also have things like consistent blog posts and social media strategy that I had none of before. And the course pays for itself in like one birth client.
So if you’re on the fence, just do it, because it has been so beneficial for not just my business, but also me personally, my confidence as a business owner and as a photographer has soared. I no longer feel like I’m unable to do this. I know I can do it and that has a lot to do with the course. I am so happy that I did it and I can’t wait to see where my business takes me to.

Oliva Sens

"Most birth workers in my area know me and refer me"

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Since joining Marketing School for Birth Photographers, I had a lot of success and a lot of changes, and just learned so much!
Before joining the course, I was just curious about photography again and wanted to get something rolling, and I wanted to do something different that I didn’t see anybody in my area doing. And I didn’t even know that you could specialize in Birth Photography, I didn’t even know that Birth Photography is a genre. So going through the course, I learned so much about Birth Photography. I felt like I had a well written out plan, a guide for me to follow to have a successful business.
It then led me to booking my three births, which I will cherish. They’re so, so special. And just everything through social media and networking with birth workers - finding out how I can support them and how I can provide value to them, what they might need for their businesses - it’s just been amazing!
I’m so excited to be part of the course. I know that it’s going to help everyone that takes it - it has helped me tremendously. I’m just excited to see what comes next!

Adrienne Rodriguez

"Led me to booking 3 births"

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Hi! My name is Lauren. I’ve been a member of Marketing School for Birth Photographers for a little bit over a year now. There’s so much information jam packed into that that I’ve actually gone through twice now. And I’m planning to go through it another probably 1 or 2 more times just because everytime I go through it, I pull out more information. 
The community that comes along with being part of the Marketing School of Birth Photographers is huge. I’ve met some amazing people. Any question that you have, whether you are starting out and you’ve never photographed a birth or you’re experienced, you just get so much feedback. Any constructive criticism as far as the phone calls and the image critiques that they offer, that is worth so much, it’s crazy. You can go in there and she’ll talk to people and find out what people’s issues are. You can submit questions. Tavia in general is just amazing because she has so much knowledge and she’s there for you and she’s going to bat for you and she will cheer you on.
The image reviews are great because if you’re starting out or even if you’re experienced and you want someone to take a look at your images and tell you what they think whether it’s composition or exposure or white balance, they’re there to help you out and they bring everybody in - for everybody that’s watching the image critique - they bring everybody in to kind of help everybody and also to get everybody’s opinion on what they think, which is great. You know, it’s a little nerve-wracking, having your images looked at, but it also makes you a better photographer, better at editing, everything like that. 
So along with that I cannot suggest the Marketing School for Birth Photographers enough. It has just really helped me from going to introducing Birth Photography to my business to booking - I don’t have one birth a month, and like I said it’s only been a year and that was during COVID - but I have now until the end of 2021, I have 4 births booked, which is crazy for me. I’m extremely happy and cannot wait to continue to pull information out of this course as I go through it one or two more times.
So if you’re thinking about it, I highly suggest jumping on it. It’s just amazing!

Lauren Bennett

"I have 4 births booked"

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Okay, talking about why I feel like I’m a breakthrough photographer.
Some of the things that Tavia has taught me through her courses and her coaching and her posts just have really encouraged me to keep going onward with my photography business at times when I felt like giving up because nothing was happening and especially when corona started.
So when corona started, I did what she said, “Work on your business. Do stuff on the back-end.” I got a lot of that done - got my contracts, got my HoneyBook, just got a ton of stuff done that I would never have time to do if I was working harder to get more clients. Obviously that wasn’t happening with corona when we were doing the shutdown. So, I did the back work.
I just appreciate her truthfulness and being honest in saying basically ‘get off your butt and do it!’ One of my favorite things that she said is to stop procrastilearning, which is exactly what I was doing. I still find myself doing that sometimes, I hear Tavia say, “Stop procrastilearning.” And I’ll shut my program down and get to doing something that I know I should be doing because I already know what I need to do. I love that so much that she uses that term.
The other thing that I’ve learned is just not overthinking everything, just be myself and attract those kind of clients that are going to want to work with me. Not trying to follow what other photographers are doing, not copying them, and just doing my own thing and being myself has really helped me a lot. 
The other thing that was really a big deal is when you do the introspective work and finding that - you know I was putting on my website beautiful and lovely, blah, blah, blah, when I really like to capture is the raw and the intensity of the moments of birth and those things. So I changed that up and just let myself be more about that because that’s what I love. So I want to attract those kinds of customers that want that same kind of image for them when they have their birth. 
And basically knowing that I’m worthy of making more money. And so I actually have that little note on my laptop and I see that everyday when I open it up. I know I’m worthy of making more money and the reason that’s a big deal is because I stop myself on sale. And so I don’t necessarily do discounts on my bundles anymore. It’s more of a credit towards prints or something for a small giveaway like a small grandparents’ album. So, I do things like that now.
I just want to say, Tavia, thank you! You’ve made such a huge difference in my life. There are other people out there teaching us how to be birth photographers and I’ve checked them out and I always come back to Tavia’s classes. She’s my people. I just feel like we could be really great friends. She speaks the way that I do, she likes things like I do, and just saying it how it is. And so that’s where I’m at with my travelling through being a birth photographer.

Thanks, Tavia.

DeAnna Weyrich

"I know I'm worthy of making more money" 

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The biggest takeaway that I’ve had from the course so far is actually not really anything to do with birth necessarily, but Tavia said that we should really just be authentic and be ourselves on social media. And I was always so worried about keeping appearances up, being professional, making sure that I looked that I had my shit together outwardly, even though I did, but I was hustling to build this business and I just wanted to make sure that I’m coming off professional. 
But I wasn’t finding my ideal clients - the clients that I super vibe with, like knew each other, didn’t have to say many words. But once I started being my true self on social media platforms - cursing, using my day-to-day language, posting my day-to-day life, personal stuff, just being real - that’s when I found my people and I am almost booked for the entire year. Not for birth, but I am also a maternity, newborn, family photographer. But I’ve never been this busy, never been this booked out.
So that’s my biggest takeaway from the Marketing Course. Not to take away from the course because it’s amazing and has a bunch of other stuff in there too, but really nailing down your ideal client, what that looks like, how to reach them, does that connect with your personal life. If it does, figure out how to intertwine it. Yeah, anyone can do it. You can too.

Chelce Geron

"I have never been this busy, never been this booked out"

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